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Welcome to the Saskatchewan Provincial Parks Cabin Owners’ Association (SPPCOA) website.

The Saskatchewan Government, through the Ministry of Parks, Culture, and Sport, leases park land to individual cottage owners in some Saskatchewan parks.  There are currently 2162 leased cottage lots in eleven provincial parks and one recreation site in Saskatchewan. The cabins on these leased lots play an important role in the lives of the families involved and represent significant investments, both financial and personal. In most instances, leaseholders have established local, park specific, cottage owner associations to represent their common interests and be a support to the park in which they reside.

The SPPCOA was formed in 1994 and is a voluntary organization serving as an information source providing assistance and leadership to the eleven local cottage associations and their members in those parks. The board of SPPCOA is made up of representation from each of the local associations wishing to participate. (The SPPCOA Executive Committee is identified below).

The SPPCOA is an important interface between government policies and programs and the collective concerns of our members. We communicate with government on rules and regulations, fees, and the general wellbeing of our parks. The SPPCOA’s key priorities are discussed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in October of each year.  

We thank you for your ongoing interest and support.  We look forward to keeping in touch with you in the years to come.

SPPCOA Executive Committee:

President:Les Schmidt (Duck Mountain Provincial Park)
Email: click here

1st Vice President:  Jim Craik (Narrow Hills Provincial Park)
Email: click here

2nd Vice President:  Betty Hoffart (Moose Mountain Provincial Park)
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Secretary-Treasurer:  Karen Babitzke (Cypress Hills Provincial Park)
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We encourage you to visit our website to stay abreast of recent information and important developments that affect you and your local association.


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